Jeff Ray, Drug, Alcohol, Sex Therapist

My personal journey with addiction began when I started smoking marijuana as a young teen and graduated to cocaine use during college, leading to a downward spiral that ultimately included opioid addiction.

With the help of rehab, therapy and 12-step meetings, I have been sober since 1986. I understand the feelings of pain and hopelessness. My experience led me to pursue a career in mental health and addiction counseling, with specialities in drug, alcohol and sex addiction. I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, a Certified Sex Addiction Counselor, and Certified Addiction Professional.

After receiving my Bachelor's Degree and a Master of Science in Education and Substance Abuse, I trained at the esteemed Hanley Center in West Palm Beach, where I was then hired as the primary therapist in the men’s unit, where I worked for 15 years.

I left Hanley to open a private practice while simultaneously serving as the clinical director of several South Florida drug and alcohol programs.

My client-centered practice focuses on using a variety of techniques to develop coping mechanisms and life skills, while coaching clients to recognize their vulnerabilities, which trigger compulsive and addictive behaviors and the ensuing shame, depression and anxiety.

Recognizing and treating addiction has come far over the past couple of decades and my practice strives to remain at the forefront of the ongoing research and treatment.